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Nature is where it all begins . . .
The Hawaiians call themselves keiki o ka ‘āina —“children of the land,” but  ‘āina is a not just soil, sand, or dirt. The ‘āina is a heart issue. --MJ Harden

We truly believe that an hour in the garden puts life’s problems in perspective.

Our Garen
Our Garden

That must be why we ended up on Kauai since it’s called the “Garden Isle.” A name well deserved, since Kauai gets plenty of sun and lots of rain (at night of course) and everything grows here to make it lush. Just stick a cutting in the ground and it will take root before your very eyes. Major makes it a habit to bring in all his garden tools just so they don’t take root over night, that’s how fertile the ground can be. We have some spectacular gardens on the island that are open to the public, some free others for a fee. The biggie is the National Tropical Botanical Gardens in the south, but the one we like is the scenic Limahuli Garden in the north which is really reasonable, $10 for the self-guided tour. You get a nice booklet to help you find your way from feature to feature. The garden is truly a living classroom for all to learn about ancient Hawaiian plants and culture in the spectacular beauty of their natural setting.

This being the year to get in shape, we have many favorite trails to hike and some new ones to try. Close by,  and a favorite, is the Kuilau Ridge Trail which begins near Wailua's Keahua Arboretum and travels up to views of Mt.Waialeale (clouds permitting) and the ocean. Picnic at the lookout point or continue on to explore lush hillsides of fern and vegetation. The path connects to the Moalepe trail. 

Another one that is close by us is the Nou`nou trail which is on the mountain commonly referred to as "Sleeping Giant". The Nou`nou trail climbs to a peak with a sheltered picnic area. This vantage offers views of the ocean, Wailua River and Mt. Waialeale. Connie likes this one when the Strawberry Guava are in season because the trail is covered with them. YUMMY.


Kauai County continues to work on the Walking/Bike Path. The multi-use path at Lydgate Beach Park is completed and it is a 2.5 mile segment of the first phase of a greater plan to extend a coastal trail from Nawiliwili to Anahola called Ke Ala Hele Makalae "the path that goes by the coast.”  We just completed the 2nd phase of the project from the Kapa`a Boat Ramp to Kealia Beach and it is a great 4.85 mile walk.


This spring we planted 5 Cara Cara Orange trees in the pasture. This is the start of our truck farm so when Connie retires she will have some income for travel. The Cara Cara Orange is also known as the red navel orange, it originated at the Hacienda de Cara Cara in Valencia, Venezuela. Cara Cara Oranges have a bright orange peel and pink - raspberry colored flesh. Its taste is sweet with undertones of sweet-cherry, and a low acid profile. Very juicy and best when eaten fresh out of hand, Cara Caras are also popular with chefs for use in cooked sauces. We will no doubt be sold out every week.


The Instructions
The Instructions...

Easter Egg Hunt at Major & Connie's
The Hunt

Easter Money
The Money

The Winner
The Winner

After watching children become parents, and then grandparents, we decided to end our Annual Easter Party after 2007. We will have many found memories about the food, the wild hunts and the many friends that joined us. Our good friend Rosemary Smith has taken up the Easter Basket now to the chagrin of her husband Norb.

The Auction
Kukuiolono Golf Course, Kauai
Kukuiolono Golf Course,
a day is lost if one has not laughed.

During the summer we had Connie’s brother’s family visiting so we recruited them to help paint the guest house and get the hand railings back in shape. The work went fast with the extra hands so we had plenty of time to play golf, go to the beach, take long walks, get some garage sales in while look at homes for sale. I think Rusty likes it here and would love to retire from teaching as soon as he can.

Amongst the work we did find some time to go on a tour of the Hindu Temple which is just a stones throw from our place. For this absolutely stunning property, the guided tour is the only way to go because it is so informative. The Temple is nearing completion and, with is golden dome, is spectacular, a  must see.

Kealia Beach
Kealia Beach

Kauai Lagoons
Kauai Lagoons

Kauai Lagoons Walk Path
Lagoon Walking Path
 The Hindu Temple secluded in a
tropical forest of evergreen.

Kauai Carved Hindu Temple
Guide explaining the detailed carvings.

aIn July the big event was the new Harry Potter Book release. We got dressed up as Harry Potter characters and made our way to the Midnight party being held at Borders Books in Lihue. We were able to get the new release and gave it immediately to our friend Dave Camp so he could read it. We had it back the next day, he is one fast reader. Dave didn’t give the ending away and we avoided any publicity that might have given the ending away. By summer’s end we had discovered the fate of those who were associated with Hogwarts. You’ll have to read it yourself we won’t tell.

Harry Potter Release
Connie having her fortune read by Hogwarts Professor of Divination, Sybil Trelawney
Connie having her fortune read by Hogwarts Professor of Divination,
Sybil Trelawney and discovering that she would receive one of the
new “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” books that very night at Borders.

Major sold his beloved ‘29 Roadster in July. Brother Bob started the ball rolling by putting a For Sale sign on it in January which prompted several calls, but Major didn’t follow-up on them. When our friend Bryan came in the summer he asked if he could take it and his kids for a drive to Safeway. We got a call from a Peter Makarewicz saying that he was interesting in buying it. Under Connie’s expert negotiations the car was sold for a fair price. It couldn’t have gone to a more excited person than Pete. Pete has stayed in touch with Major to let him know how much fun he is having with it. Many people have come up to Major to tell him they have seen his car out & about. Pete has probably already put more miles on the car than Major did in the past 20 years.

Brother Bob made a second visit this year and got us out on the tennis court to get some exercise, which was hilarious. With the bike path now long enough to do a bike ride, Major talked brother Bob in to trying it out. Bob on the Bike Path still under construction, Connie standing on the finished path above Kealia Beach and a view from the path. 

Bob on Path
It's not enough to know how to ride- one must also know how to fall.

Connie Kealia Beach
Connie in a state of perpetual happiness.

The ocean has music for those who listen.

August was upon us before we knew it. Connie was back to school; Major was going in daily to help with Connie’s new class.  Connie thinks this is the best 1st grade class she has had, or maybe the school just took pity on her after last year’s class and gave her all the good kids. With such a good class Connie was having free weekends and we took the time to celebrate Dave’s birthday and the completion of their pool. We have always wanted to have a pool here, and now we do. We have opted to be the official house sitters when Dave & Jean travel, if they will let us.

Math Giraffe
And just what kind of
math giraffe is it?
Tell me..
Tell me whom you love
and I'll tell you who you are.
The end of one thing is only
the beginning of another

For those of you who remember Donald Duck from 2004, well we had a visit from him, only Donald was a Daisy Duck and she brought her family of eight back to visit us. We had been in a drought and all the little water ways around had dried up, and I think she remembered that we had a pond and came back to check it out. Our pond was dry and she went on her way again. Major was quite excited when he saw all the little ducks, but he resisted trying to keep her here and let her go off to find water. Connie was happy since she is trying to keep the pets down so we can travel.

We also had other animal visitors this year, wild pigs! We had an easy truce with them while they were in the back pasture area, but now that they have moved up to the front pasture and garden area they are no longer welcome. They have created havoc in our vegetable and flower gardens as well as those of the neighbors. We have hired a humane hog buster to relocate them or put them on the dinner table of hungry families.

SunriseSpeaking of dinner, Major bid on a dinner for 8 at the annual Hospice fund raiser and actually got it! So for his birthday in October, we went to a private estate located in Aliomonu for a sunset dinner full of lively conversation and delightful food.

Where sometimes it feels
   just right to be. . .

Lion KingWe also managed to get away to Oahu for a weekend to see the Lion King, what a theatrical production. This gave Connie the chance to get another pedicure and to do some shopping.

On October 27 we participated in a mystery dinner that had twenty-eight characters and an open-ended ending depending on what happened. Major was Captain Luke Pickhart and Connie was his younger wife Emily Pickhart whom he married after the death of his first wife.  The mystery was, what was causing the deaths of passengers on board the Lady Rose? The ship had sailed from England to Sydney Australia. Nobody was allowed to disembark until the health department could determine the cause of death. In the end Captain Luke was shot by his son from his first marriage, Emily never found the Russian Prince and “the cast” has been arguing ever since.

Halloween (Book-O-Ween) was fun at school this year, all the children dressed as their favorite storybook characters. 


  1. What percentage of children in the United States dresses up for Halloween? A. 31%, B. 55% or C. 82%
  2. What percentage of adults in the U.S.  wear some type of costume?  A. 2%, B. 35% or C. 67%


  1. If you said C you’re right, about 82% of the children dress-up for Halloween, and adults are joining the fun too.
  2. If you said C you’re right again.

Thanksgiving on the beach
Thanksgiving at the beach.

See, Major & Connie aren’t so weird.

This year we did something special for Thanksgiving. Rick & Sue Spears invited the Mystery Dinner group to join them in a Maine Lobster & Clam bake at the beach. Major & Dave went down early to get a spot at the beach and set up the tents and tables. They took a cribbage board and cooler of drinks to wait for the rest to arrive. No cribbage, but a lot of drinks. Connie came down with Mike & Jane Francis from England, parents of our Lions International Youth Camp student that stayed with us in 2004.

Everyone arrived timely with their dishes to add to the feast. In addition to the lobster & clams, there were 2 turkeys, 2 hams, and all the normal Thanksgiving dishes including some unusual desserts. This is the first year Major saw chocolate pies at a Thanksgiving dinner, and I do mean saw, the kids ate them up before he could get a piece. The evening ended with a bonfire and a full moon. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, except maybe if you could have been here with us.

In December Connie made it official that she would be retiring in June of 2008 and for Major to make room in the house for her. This coming year will be interesting with Connie being home and in Major’s way.  

Kauai BeachOne good thing that will come out of her retirement is that Connie will get to go to Tahiti. Major promised her that when he passed the CPA exam in 1973 he would take her, now 35 years later she is going. Major has booked a 31-day cruise from San Francisco to Sydney Australia. The first stop will be Hawaii, after that we will be hitting all the little islands in the South Pacific including Tahiti and New Zealand, which we missed on our 2005 trip to Australia.

On an island. . .    life is different.



We measure life by the simple things, warm days, sandy feet, and perfumed nights refreshed by rain. It’s remarkable how great a day can be filling it with nothing. You learn how to slow down and enjoy the essence of a simpler life where the unexpected is expected. Thus allowing us to experience life to its fullest making us ever so thankful for where we live.

E komo mai! Come enjoy our little paradise and leave your foot prints in the sand.

Me ke aloha,

Major & Connie

Major & Connie Inch



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